4 tips on how to use IT creatively

4 tips on how to use IT creatively in your classroom


Technology is changing at a rapid rate and kids these days are some of the first to adopt new trends. This can be an issue when it spills over into the classroom but instead of squashing student’s curiosity about technology why not harness it for teaching instead.

IT can be used many ways in the classroom. When you try encouraging your students to be creative using technology, you will be amazed by the results.

  • Multimedia submissions

Encourage students to use different forms of multimedia to express themselves for class projects. Interactive presentations, video, audio can be used by students to fulfill curriculum requirements. This also gives you an option to easily share student’s achievements with the rest of the school, parents and the local community.

  • Utilise online education portfolios

Include the use of online portfolios like Pathrite in your class. They reduce the cost for students to display their work while increasing the creative options open to them. Video blogs, podcasts or even music can be incorporated into the work a student can submit for evaluation.

  • Online presence

Create a dedicated online presence that students participate in updating. It could be a dedicated website, or a blog where students share their thoughts or even a magazine where school or local news can be shared. Encourage students to use this resource to interact with students the same age in other areas or even countries for cross cultural exchange.

Perform a quick search online for the free options there are many available; just make sure that you add internet safety precautions into anything hosted online.

  • Nurture teamwork

Set group projects and have the students collaborate online using a site that is free like Google Docs. They can work together with multiple students editing at the same time. You can track and make comments as they work.

Getting Started

If you haven’t used IT in your classroom before start small. Think of steps that you can use to introduce students to using IT creatively. Talk to them about their interests, have a brainstorm – include them in implementing an IT plan, I am sure they will have lots of ideas.

Make IT a part of your regular lesson planning and always ensure that it helps you to do more in your classes with less resources. Students need to be properly supervised when they are accessing the Internet in class time, and above all make your classes more interesting for an enriched learning experience.

Do you have another way of creatively incorporating IT into your classroom? Please share your comment with our community


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