Top 12 Summer Tips for Top Teachers

Top 12 Summer Tips for Top Teachers


Summer holidays is a great time for teachers to relax and unwind. However, it is also a good opportunity to use some of the spare time in summer on professional development.

Becoming a better teacher enables you to give the best education you can to your students. Here are our 12 tips to get you started on your self-improvement journey:

1. Review current lessons

Look at the lessons that you use every year. Be honest now can any of them be improved? Take the worst, use student feedback to help you decide, and find ways to make them better. Add things like interactive activities or digital experiences to jazz them up.

2. Update online presence

Outdated websites, pages or Wikis are boring. Your students are probably into the latest trends online so you need to work to keep up. Review ongoing online platforms and see how you make them more current and appealing.

3. Plan digital interactions

Do you use videos in your class? Plan ahead and, if you record some yourself, prepare them for the first term. Think of unusual ways you can share video with them. After all, it is simple to create digital content these days with a smartphone or tablet – anyone can do it. Try bringing the local community into the classroom using video.

4. Improve your own knowledge

Give yourself the time to read the books you have always wanted to read, watch movies and go to the art gallery. These are opportunities for you to relax but also think of them as opportunities to share with your students.

5. Check out what others are doing

There is a wealth of resources online that can kick-start your creative process. Read education blogs, discover new apps and source interesting podcasts.

6. Be the healthiest you possible

Feeling rundown? Nurture yourself and do what you need to do to revitalize – remember that how you feel physically impacts on your moods and your ability to do your job well.

7. Switch off

Rejuvenate by doing the things that you truly love doing. Spend some time away from the phone and internet to look after yourself and clear your mind. Head into the bush, jump out of a plane, visit friends you haven’t seen for a while – whatever it is that helps you feel balanced, make sure it is incorporated into your summer.

8. Be the change

See change as new and exciting. Reinvent yourself and it will reflect positively in your teaching. We all get bored with the same old things. Master your own evolution by always being open to new ideas, technology and educational practices.

9. Playtime

Playtime is as important to adults as it is to kids – indulge your natural curiosity. Its time spent with new programs figuring out how they work, exploring new apps to see if they fit any program, its painting a self-portrait just for the fun of it. Let yourself play without stress to see where it takes you.

10. Have fun

Have fun on your holidays. Laughter is great for your soul and we often forget to indulge ourselves when life gets too serious.

11. Plan your progress

Do you have a plan for your life or are you wandering aimlessly? The best way to achieve the things you want in life is to have clear goals and steps you can check off that mean you are working towards them. Review your goals often to make sure that they are what you really want – there is no harm in changing direction as you grow as a person.

12. Start the year with a bang

Start the school year strong and you have the attention of your students from the beginning.  Be prepared, enthusiastic, energetic, compassionate and a great listener. Make your classes engaging from day one and watch your student excel.

What other things do you like to do in summer to improve yourself and your teaching? Let us know at the TeachingMe community and have a fabulous summer!


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