Make your class stand out

4 Ways to make your class stand out from the crowd

Having trouble filling your classes? One of the biggest challenges you may be facing as a teacher/tutor, working outside the education system, is attracting your ideal quota of students. You may have a ton of experience and excellent knowledge but if you don’t know how to stand out from the crowd your class will struggle to be a bestseller.


Advertising your services online gives you a greater reach than more traditional ways of sourcing students. You can use dedicated platforms and social media accounts to help reach your ideal client base.

Why don’t you try using our 4 top tips to help make your class a huge success!


Engage visually with potential students

Right or wrong, as a society our impression of a person when first seeing them can be the lasting one. Your profile picture is the way you initially introduce yourself. Make sure that it is:

  • Good quality;
  • You alone looking into the camera;
  • Well lit so you can be seen easily;
  • Friendly.

It can be a mistake to just use any picture you have lying around. Your profile picture says a lot about who you are as a teacher so make sure it encourages students or parents to sign up for your classes.

Add interesting classroom images to your listing that encourage people to picture themselves with you as their teacher.


Credentials invite trust

People need to trust you as a tutor – especially parents that are engaging your services for minors. Include your credentials on your profile to help people feel secure. A valid ID, a Police Clearance and Working with Children Check all show that your classes are safe for people of all ages to attend.


Encourage student reviews

Encourage your students to leave positive reviews on your listing. Prospective students are more likely to book with highly rated providers that have great feedback from current or previous students.


Help people choose you

You really need to tell people why they should choose you as their tutor/teacher other over equally qualified educators. Add as much information about you and your classes as you can in the spaces provided.

Add to your online profile:

  • Class information about what subjects & year levels that you teach, the best selling points of your classes, and if you travel, it is also important for students to know if it is one-on-one class or the class size;
  • Qualifications;
  • Experience;
  • A single session option to encourage students to try your class;
  • Class discounted packages with greater amounts of hours encourage a longer-term commitment from your student. 

 Make sure that you always keep your online information up to date.


Join other bestsellers

Your TeachingMe profile gives you the perfect opportunity to easily reach students in your area. When you maximise this opportunity by using engaging images, ID documents and pertinent information that demonstrates why you are a great teacher, your class will stand out from the crowd and be on the way to becoming a bestseller.