5 ways to make your class more interesting

5 ways to make your class more interesting


When class participants are bored they tend to disengage in some way. They may daydream, doodle on class notes or possibly become disruptive and make it difficult for other students, as well as themselves, to absorb the information that you are trying to teach.

Make sure your classes are interesting to help your students learn. It is easy to get into a rut with your teaching and constantly present the same information the same way. Why not try different methods of approaching education? Here are some of our favourites:


1. Organisation is your friend

Organisation fosters creativity – your own and ultimately your students, it has a trickledown effect. When you spend thinking about your classes beforehand it becomes easier to introduce stimulating content that will keep your students attentive for the duration of your class.


2. Upgrade your presentation

This can be a hard one because it asks you to critically look at the way you teach. Do you talk in a monotone voice or are you animated when you speak? Do you talk at or to your students and engage them in conversations?

If you are stuck on auto pilot with the way you deliver in class, you can try:

  • Incorporating humour and laughing together;
  • Varying your voice and pause to allow feedback/questions;
  • Learning with your students;
  • Grabbing their interest with mysterious class components;
  • Exchanging ideas rather than lecturing;
  • Being self-aware! Be conscious of the body language you display and the language you use when interacting in your class.
3. Connect to life

Have your students ever asked you how the subject you teach can be used by them in the real world now and in the future? Show them to increase their interest in learning. If they understand how they can use the material you are teaching because you connect it to the world they are more likely to listen.

4. Add interactive components

Do you remember when you were a student and how easy it was for your mind to wander when you were sitting still while listening? Find ways to get them interacting, either verbally or physically, with each other in context with the content of your class.

5. Investigate play-based learning

Encourage students to learn via games. They help foster critical thinking and problem solving and provide feedback on how the player is performing, the areas that need to be developed and the next steps.

The ideas listed here are only a few of the many ways you can make your class more interesting.

What do you do to keep your students involved? Please share your comments with our community


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