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Weightloss coaching? You might wonder, 'Why would I need help to lose weight?' The answer is, because most people who go on a diet and start to exercise strenuously fall into a yo-yo pattern: go on diet, exercise, lose weight, go off diet, stop exercising, gain all the weight you lost and more.

Strict dieting is NOT the way to lose weight permanently. A much better and safer way is to change your eating habits little by little. I can teach you how to make small substitutions week by week so that, even when you eat many of the types of foods you like, you consume fewer kilojoules.

Spending hours and hours at the gym is NOT the way to lose weight permanently either. It takes a lot of time and you can't keep to such a schedule in the long term. However, I can teach you how to become more fit by building more exercise and movement into your normal daily routine.

My weighloss coaching offers a practical, common-sense approach to help you start to lose weight and become more fit little by little. It's NOT a 'biggest loser' approach. The difference is that once you make these little changes, it's easy to stick with them for the rest of your life.

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I have been working as a personal coach and mentor for the past five years, helping busy people become healthier and more fit by changing small habits, one by one, over time. I coach individuals in person and by phone or skype. I also work with groups, especially seniors and women from multi-cultural backgrounds.

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What We Provide

Weekly personal coaching session where you choose a new habit
Weekly Info Brief that indicates why, what and how to ensure you stick with the habit
Email access in case you have questions or need more guidance

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Coaching can be in person, or via phone or skype.

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