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Personal coaching? Why does anyone need it? Most people already know what they should do to get healthier and feel better: Avoid sweet and fattening snacks. Drink less alcohol. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Eat more fish and less red meat. Exercise more. Avoid sitting for long periods. Get enough sleep.
Yet most people don’t do it. Why not, when they know the benefits? The answer boils down to a basic problem: people want results immediately, so they make too many changes at once. They can’t keep it up, so they quit.
My coaching program avoids this problem. I provide a practical, common-sense approach to help you build and maintain a healthy lifestyle without making major changes to your daily routines. It fits in easily with family, work and other obligations.

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I have been working as a personal coach and mentor for the past five years, helping busy people become healthier and more fit by changing small habits, one by one, over time. I coach individuals in person and by phone or skype. I also work with groups, especially seniors and women from multi-cultural backgrounds.

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Dec 12, 2016
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What We Provide

Weekly personal coaching session where you choose a new habit based on your goals
Weekly Info Brief that indicates why, what and how to ensure you stick with the habit
Email access in case you have questions or need more guidance

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Coaching can be in person, or via phone or skype.

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