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I am an experienced private tutor in Math, Physics, Chemistry, English (PTE & TOEFL) and Spanish for several age groups. My classes are typically fun, include activities and homework and for English and Spanish classes additional readings and themed conversations and daily life role playing (e.g. going to the supermarket). Moreover, I like my students to succeed so if you have an exam coming up I am available by phone or email if you have any last minute questions!! :)

Scored 90 overall in PTE, 116/120 in TOEFL and attained the Certificate of Proficiency in English (University of Cambridge).

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Hello! My name is Andrea and I am a Spanish graduate student coursing a Master of Information Systems at University of Melbourne. My background is in Telecommunications Engineering so if you need a Science related Subject tutor I am the perfect pick!


Moreover I speak German, Spanish, Catalan and English. Fortunately, I attended an only English-speaking American School until High School and lived abroad in Canada for 10 months. This made my entry to Australia and the acquisition of a Permanent Residency Visa easier than for most students. I can understand all the difficulties of international students that are new to the country and are trying to improve their English. However, I enjoy the experience of teaching which is the reason why I have worked in the past as a tutor (English, Math and other Science subjects) with people from different age groups. 


Being an enthusiastic hard worker I can definitely add value to the typical tutoring as feeling fulfilled with the triumphs of my students is one of my goals. I am familiar with this type of role and would appreciate to work with both international and local students from different age groups. My past experience in  tutoring roles demonstrate I am reliable, an effective communicator and can make learning fun!

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Apr 4, 2018
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