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Category Chinese Class Melbourne
Class Type Regular Group Class
Age Group Preschool, Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Adult
Study Level Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Teaching Language
  • English

Class Introduction

Lesson 1 - Introduction to Chinese Characters (14 Chinese characters expanding into a further 12 new words)
Introduction to the Pinyin System & Tonal System
Introduction to Months
Lesson 2 - 'Hellos & Goodbyes'
14 new Chinese characters (expanded to 9 new words)
Singular & Plural Pronouns (I, You, He, She, We, You(plural), They)
Chinese Conversation Role Play 'Hello, How are you?'
Grammar Adjectival Verbs
Greetings: Good morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening
Goodbyes: Goodbye, Good Night, See you tomorrow
Cultural Insights
Lesson 3 - 'What is your name?'
9 new Chinese characters (expanded to 10 new words)
Grammar: The verb 'to be', the possessive particle, and the interrogative particle
Chinese Conversation Role Play: 'May I know your name?'
Cultural Insights
Lesson 4 - 'Introducing Friends & Family'
9 new Chinese characters (expanded to 14 new words)
'This one','That one', 'Which one?'
The question word 'What?', mini Mandarin dialogue: 'What is this/that?'
Chinese Conversation Role Play 'Let me introduce. This is my friend, Kaixin.'
Cultural Insights
Lesson 5 - 'Using Public Transport'
7 new Chinese characters (expanded to 11 new words)
Essential polite words for travelling, such as 'Thank you', 'Sorry', 'Excuse me'
Vocabulary on Public Transport
Grammar: The question word 'How?'
Chinese Conversation Role Play 'How do I get to the (place)?
Cultural Insights
Lesson 6 - Clarifying Pinyin & Tones
Revision and Consolidation of Lessons 1 to 5
Cultural Insignts - Chinese Tea Appreciation
Lesson 7 - Nationalities
9 new Chinese characters (expanded to 14 new words)
Grammar: 'Here', 'There', 'Where?'. Mini Mandarin dialogue: 'Where is ...?'
Chinese Conversation Role Play 'What nationality are you?'
Cultural Insights
Lesson 8 - Family
8 new Chinese characters (expanded to 9 new words)
Grammar: measure words, '2 of', the conjunction 'and', and the question word 'How many?'
Chinese Conversation Role Play 'How many people are there in your family?'
Cultural Insights
Lesson 9 - Time
7 new Chinese characters (expanded to 10 characters)
Grammar: Time Units, the question word 'When?'
Chinese Conversation Role Play 'What is the time now?'
Cultural Insights
Lesson 10 - 'Who is?'
Grammar: The question word 'Who'
Chinese Conversation Role Play 'Who is Mr Li?'
Revision & Consolidation of Lessons 1 to 9

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Chinese Mandarin Language Course Melbourne. Learn Chinese Mandarin - We conduct Chinese Language Courses / Lessons held in the heart of Melbourne City and Sydney City. New classes starting in 2014 in Yarraville and Brunswick. With a full range from Beginner's Courses to Advanced Mandarin Courses, Red Crane has a course to suit your needs.

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Class start date
Nov 24, 2016
Class finish date
Dec 15, 2016
19:30 - 21:00

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