A Great Kids Summer Experience

4 Awesome Things for a Great Kids Summer Experience


Have you ever thought of creating a summer experience for your kids? Kids can be learning valuable skills while having the time of their life with a little forward planning and creative, parental involvement.

1. Communicating in a multicultural community

Do your kids have friends at school or nearby that are from a different cultural background. Odds are that they do with Australia being having a gorgeous diversity of people. Learning a language is much easier when you are a child and can be a lot of fun – especially when you reinforce language classes with other activities like:

  • Practice with a friend that already speaks the language;
  • Research online about the country(s) where the language is spoken;
  • Watch videos in the language being learnt;
  • Eat food from that country for a taste of the culture.
2. Getting into the music groove

Learning music starts with understanding the beat and that can start at any age. If your kid is a bit older, lessons with an instrument that they love are a great idea for the summer holidays. Other activities that can surround music include:

  • Going to outdoor concerts in the parks – check your local area for things that are on or make it a special trip into the city for a fun, musical day out;
  • Set up a backyard practice area in a tent or makeshift ‘studio’. Encourage them to put up posters or pictures that are music related;
  • Invite their friends over and make homemade instruments. They can have a ‘jam’ session in the practice tent and you can record or even video it to share. Encourage them to dress up for even more giggles.
3. Dance like no one is watching

Learn to dance at a young age and you will never be self-conscious as an adult – or probably not! Dancing is fun and a natural expression of our body movement. Besides, who can stop themselves dancing when their favourite music comes on?

If your children love to dance, have them attend a class where they can learn more and meet others kids with the same passion. Fun dancing activities can include:

  • A kiddy dance party, if it’s a nice day have it outside in the backyard. Invite friends or dance classmates. Have some decorations (making these can be another activity), some snacks and drinks to fuel their energy. You can be DJ and have lots of fun while the kids are dancing the afternoon away;
  • Encourage kids to choreograph their own dance. Get them to dress up and video it to share.


4. A Picasso is born

If your child loves to draw they will love art classes where they can learn about colour, form and texture. You can support their classes with fun activities like:

  • A trip to the park, city or beach with a sketch pad to draw what they see;
  • A trip to a local art gallery to see the masters;
  • Invite friends over and they can complete portraits of each other.

These are just some of the ideas that we have thought of, the list of possibilities is endless.

What are your favourite summer activities for your kids? Please share with our community and have a safe and wonderful summer.


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