How can I promote my class cost effectively?

How can I promote my class cost effectively?

Are you an experienced teacher or tutor and want to boost the number of students you have?
Are you a new teacher or tutor and unsure where to being or how to find students?

One topic currently popular amongst tutors and teachers is how to boost student numbers. Here are some suggested approaches, and their pro’s and cons. A combination of approaches will always work best.

1. Distributing business cards and brochures to people you know

This is a simple and inexpensive way to spread the word. Personal contacts and word of mouth are the most powerful and persuasive advertising tools and having a flyer can assist someone to recommend you.


· Easily read  

· Great to hand out to people you know or meet

· Can be placed on fridges, notice boards or in public areas

· Low cost, depending on printing and design quality



·  Not long term; they date quickly 

· Distribution can take a lot of time

· Finding the right place to distribute requires research

· Requires basic layout or design skill, which can cost money

2. Advertising locally

You can pay for advertising in the classified section of the local newspaper of the areas you are targeting, place flyers at local businesses, libraries, campuses, or even become a sponsor of a local event by placing an ad in their brochure.


· A good way to reach local communities

· People will become familiar with your name



· Difficult to reach wider target markets

· Time consuming and hard to manage outcomes

· There is no screening of your clients

· Paying for advertising can be costly  

3. Social Media

Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogging, Podcasting, LinkedIn and Instagram are great ways to let people know about you. If people like and share your posts or blogs, they will reach a wider audience. These forums work best if you are sharing what you are most passionate about in your work. They can work against you if you are purely promoting yourself.


· Flexibility: You can create ads and boost posts as you wish 

· Targeting: You can choose the specific types of people who you want to see the ad

· You can reach a wider audience through shares

· A good way to keep a presence in the market



· It takes a lot of time to maintain social media accounts

· You must be available to respond to questions and comments

· Genuine community engagement is needed for it to really work

· If a customer has not been happy with your product or services, they may feel the need to vent their frustration online which leaves your reputation exposed. 

4. Online databases and classifieds

Many prospective students now search online for teachers. This enables them to search directly for the class or subject they are looking for, saving time and making comparisons easier.


· You are visible to a wide market through internet searches 

· The listing will do the work for you 



· Up front costs may not be paid off if the site is not managed well

· It is hard to find a right site providing highly specialised services for listing and promoting your classes to the right audience

· Some databases will not be widely optimised with the right filtering functionality meaning you won’t come up in searches 

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