What makes a good class listing?

Now you have owned a TeachingMe class page, our technical experts have set up the framework of your page that can be pushed to your targeted students. 

There are some secret tips as to how you can optimise your class pages by simply editing your listings from your account, and they'll come up higher on Google Search ranking and attract more students.  

1. Class Title by editing the current listing

  • Make sure to include the terms ‘Tutor' for tutoring, ‘Class’ for group classes, ‘Teacher’ or ‘Lessons’ for music lessons. 
  • Focus your class on one subject area in each listing e.g. Maths & Phyiscs vs Violin & Cello.
  • If you want to teach in several subject areas you can duplicate your listing under My Account > My Listings > Duplicate listing, edit the class title for your new class and follow the steps to submit for another class. 
  • List university subjects by names, include the unit codes and the university name in Class Introduction. 

Good examples for class titles that are easier to find, relevant combinations are highlighted below:

  • VCE Maths Tutor
  • Beginners Salsa Dance Class
  • Violin Lessons for kids

2. Class Info and your teaching profile

  • Understand what students are looking for and make sure you include some of the keyword combinations in 'Class Info' and 'Teaching Profiler'. As a guideline, we've compile a list of keyword combinations that you can directly quote from.
  • Profile image helps to build credibility. Potential clients want to feel comfortable contracting you as a teacher so choose a great profile picture that shows who you are.
  • Include experience if you have the experience in teaching, your ATAR score in the subjects if you finished the subjects before, and your native language if you are teaching a language.

Examples of classes that are making good use of keywords
https://teachingme.com/music/other/parkville-clarinet-teaching.html (Search for clarinet class parkville)
https://teachingme.com/music/piano/clifton-hill-piano-lessonsteacher.html (Search for Piano lessons Clifton Hill)

Choose keywords making my class stand out

Copy the keywords to your 'Class info' and 'Teaching Profile' on your listings.  
Academic (Use Maths as an example, replace your subject with maths and copy the keywords in Maths)
Maths Private/ home maths tutor primary / secondary math homework help year 7 (year level) maths questions
  cool math for kids math problems math is fun
  maths tuition math lessons notes and worksheets
Biology  Private/ home biology tutor primary / secondary biology homework help year 7 (year level) biology questions
  biology for kids Biology quiz and notes notes and worksheets
Chemistry Private/ home chemistry tutor primary / secondary chemistry homework help year 7 (year level) chemistry questions
  chemical formula chemical equation chemical reaction
  Chemistry quiz and notes Chemistry for kids notes and worksheets
Physics Private/ home physics tutor primary / secondary physics homework help year 7 (year level) physics questions
  physics formulas learn physics notes and worksheets
English english grammar primary / secondary english homeowork help year 7 (year level) english questions
  vce english exam english eal english as an additional language
  notes and worksheets    
ESL learn english language english grammar & english conversation how to speak english language
vce vce exam vce practise exams vce maths methods
  vce notes and worksheets    
PTE pte practice test pte past exams pte exam
  pearson pte english test    
Ielts ielts practice ielts exam ielts preparation
  ielts past exams    
Music (Use Piano as an example, replace your class with piano and copy the keywords in piano)
Piano piano lessons / for kids piano teacher piano lessons for beginners
  learn to play piano adult piano lessons piano classes
  suzuki method piano    
Keyboard keyboard lessons / for kids keyboard teacher keyboard lessons for beginners
  learn to play keyboard adult keyboard lessons keyboard classes
  suzuki method keyboard    
Guitar guitar lessons / for kids guitar teacher guitar lessons for beginners
  learn to play guitar how to play guitar guitar classes
  classical / electric / bass / acoustic guitar guitar chords guitar tabs
Violin violin lessons / for kids violin music suzuki method violin
  violin teacher violin lessons for beginners learn to play violin
  adult violin lessons violin classes suzuki method violin
Cello cello lessons / for kids cello teacher cello lessons for beginners
  learn to play cello adult cello lessons cello classes
  suzuki method cello    
Singing voice lessons / for kids vocal lessons singing lessons for beginners
  learn to sing singing coach  
Music music lessons for kids music tutor music teacher
  music classes for kids music classes for toddlers  
Language (Use French as an example, replace your language with french and copy the keywords in french)
French learn french language how to speak french language learn to speak french
  french for beginners french tutor french learning
  french classes teacher in french  
Chinese learn chinese language how to speak chinese learn to speak mandarin
  learn to speak chinese chinese teacher chinese learning
  chinese lessons chinese classes chinese words
  chinese writing    
Japanese learn japanese language english to japanese japanese study
  how to speak janpanese language learn to speak japanese japanese for beginners
  japanese tutor japanese learning japanese classes
  teacher in japanese    
Other categories (Dance, Technology, Lifestyle, Art, Craft and Sport), keywords are coming soon.

3. Share your unique links

The more links your share for your classes, the higher you'll come up at Google search. 
Your unique links can be retrieved from ‘My Account’ -> ‘My Listings’ -> Click 'Class title' -> Copy the link from web address bar.

Blog/Website/Facebook Posts/LinkedIn/Google+

Share your links on blog/sites or simply click the share buttons on your listings to Facebook /Linkedin /Google+.


With a little blurb:

Discover your potentials, build confidence, and improve performance. Learn [Insert Class Title] with me and get tailored support. See my availability, ask any questions, and book a session in a few clicks.

I’m teaching [Insert Class Title]. Focus on exactly what you want to learn. Sessions happen [from the comfort of your own home or an agreed location]. Learn more, see my availability, and book your session all from my TeachingMe page.


Learn [Insert Class title] with me and get tailored support. Get started today!
Want to improve your [Insert Class]skills? I can support you to discover potentials, build confidence, and improve performance. See my availability here: links



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