5 Things To Do on the Day of the Exam

5 Things To Do on the Day of the Exam

Everyone has those nervous butterflies zipping around in their insides on the day of the exam, but when you have just minutes before the teacher distributes the exam paper, what else can you do to make sure you will do your absolute best? It is already the day of the exam, so there's nothing you can do, right? But, the day of the test is not too late to engage in some helpful activities that will increase your score on an exam.

1. Prepare Physically.

On the day of the test, head to the restroom before you ever get to class. You will not perform your best if you need to use it. Get a drink of water so thirst isn't on your mind, either. Eat a breakfast that involves brain food! Exercise, even if that is a simple walk around the block in the morning before you get to school.

Prepare yourself physically before you take your exam, so your body isn't zing-zonging messages to your brain that will distract you. Nothing says, "Poor score" like a hungry belly growling during testing time, or restless legs itching to get up and move. Take care of yourself first so your brain is functioning at its best.

2. Review The Facts.

Go through your review sheet or flashcards one last time before putting them away. Your eyes may glimpse some small fact that you didn't really get the previous nights you were studying, and that small detail could show on the test. Glancing through your notes, handouts and study guide may be just what you needed to remember it.

3. Calm Down.

Before you test, you need to take steps to overcome your test anxiety, and there are several things you can do on the day of the test to help you get there. Allowing yourself to get anxious about your exam will not help you score your highest; in fact, anxiety can actually decrease your score because your brain will be working hard to calm you down instead of trying to remember what it was that you learned. So take some calming breaths and relax. You'll be just fine if you have prepared yourself!

4. Flex Those Muscles.

And I'm not talking about flexing metaphorically. I do mean flex your actual muscles. No, you don't have to do the whole, "Which way to the gym?" bicep flex, although I'm sure it is a wonder to behold. Instead, complete some focused muscle relaxation. Just clench and unclench your muscles one by one. Start with your hands, then calf muscles and quads. Flex and release any muscle group you can from your desk. By bunching and releasing your muscles, you will rid yourself of any remaining anxiety leftover from your calming activities before.

Don’t stress, do your best, forget the rest! All the best of luck!!