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Hot Club Cool Moves - The Mindful Jazz of Dance

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Class Type Regular Group Class
Age Group Adult
Study Level Beginner
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  • English

Class Introduction

Hey Penguins
Tried cutting the rug to 13/9s? Want to move, too shy to shine? OH. What to do when everyone else is dancing the kolo line!?
I can show you how to clown it, swing it, feel it, wait for it, be honest, let it fill you so that every move is potent, shamanic, to die for. How to find stillness amidst the braying brass, or duet with that shy and lilting melody, cut through the thunder and find a piece of space and time, to shape it for your own.. How to take the social dance from awkward jiggling cranking it up to the sublime.
BOOK me to host your group or team, make up a party at your venue or mine or drop me a line to join my next course and meet up with new footloose folks.
Then.. Make a NIGHT of it!
We can factor in Live Musicians for a free-form post-class dance jam. (Access to a scheduled evening gig or an add-on for client hosted events.)
Let the endorphins sail you to higher frames of mind, A sciencey insight to potent dancing times. xxx

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Short Introduction and Accomplishments

I have tertiary training in dance and movement (western & eastern), advanced Indonesian language, and gained my teaching qualification for Stretch Therapy in 2016.  In addition I hold a Masters (MCA) in intercultural theatre and pursued Lighting Design and a Commercial Art certificate at TAFE. My career has been dominated by making theatre events featuring indonesian martial arts, dance, oral epic storytelling and music, often with a LOTE bahasa and cultural diversity focus for schools). Ive consistently taught dance (including flamenco and other world dance styles), dabbled in cabaret/vaudeville and specialised in movement integrity and body awareness. I endorse Stretch Therapy because of its biomechanical & philosophical underpinnings. 

My teaching philosophy: Hands on, deeply informed, balancing a self discovery approach with as much theory as the client needs, and using cross disciplinary learning modes. I am passionately committed to finding pathways to transcend limitations of habit whether in language, bodywork, performance or sustainable life skills. 


When not teaching I'm making porcelain art works or dancing on tables to any Balkan cocek.


Education in very brief briefs (;-P):
Masters Creative Arts (Drama) by research (on intercultural Sumatran theatre)
Certification Gen and Teaching A, in Stretch Therapy
Non awarded studies and training :
Bachelor Arts (Religion and Ethnomusicology) Deakin/UTAS Level III Bhs Indonesian, Univ. Tasmania.
Assoc Dip Performing Arts (Dance) @ WAAPA
Assoc Dip Prod & Design (Lighting),
One year non-degree program in Dance and Karawitan cross major, at ASKI(PP) Academy of Traditional Arts, Padang Panjang, Indonesia.

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Class start date
Sep 30, 2018
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Nov 30, 2019
18:00 - 19:30

14:00 - 15:30

What We Provide

OUR VENUE: licenced bar, live musicians, soundsystem and recorded music.
YOUR VENUE: by negotiation.

What to Bring

Leather soled shoes are better than rubber, moderate heels, pumps or bare feet. Dress for ease of movement especially around the hips and shoulders.

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