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PhD in Applied Linguistics with First Class Honours

Ain Shams University Cairo, Egypt


 Master of Applied Linguistics (Research) with First Class Honours

 Pre-Master of Linguistics (Coursework) Cairo University Cairo, Egypt


Diploma of Education with Second Class Honours Cairo University Cairo, Egypt


 Bachelor of Human Sciences with Second Class (Upper) Major in Arabic Language and Literature Minor in Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Heritage Islamic International University Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



‘Master’ Piano Tuition Bayswater VIC
Bayswater, VIC
‘Master’ Piano Tuition

For more information, please visit my website: www.mastercoachingandtuition.com.au
Elizabeth Nicholls (B.Mus B. Teach Hons, Full VIT Registration) is a highly experienced and passionate Classroom and Instrumental Music teacher and director/conductor, English and EAL teacher, teaching mentor, musician, computer literacy teacher and life coach. She makes learning enjoyable and achievable for children and adults.

Elizabeth is available to help you ‘Master’ your chosen subject, to help you achieve your learning goals, to assist you with your learning needs and to assist you in achieving the skills required to be confident and capable in your chosen subject. Elizabeth has enjoyed many years teaching and mentoring students through their love of learning.

Elizabeth teaches Classroom and Instrumental Music, including ensemble direction of concert bands, stage bands, singing/vocal coach in musicals/productions, piano accompaniment of strings, choral groups and musicals/productions. Elizabeth is also a teaching mentor to pre-service and graduate teachers completing their tertiary studies or first probationary year in school teaching. Music is indeed a universal language and a wonderful craft and subject in the Performing Arts sector.

Elizabeth loves teaching the English language, helping students develop a passion for writing, speaking and listening. Elizabeth loves reading books, in particular, biographies.  She loves writing and reading poetry. Elizabeth has enjoyed teaching students how to write, listen and speak with flair and confidence. It is a joy to read students’ work and to see their learning and confidence soar. Elizabeth has particularly enjoyed preparing students for upcoming NAPLAN and EAL exams. English certainly has its parallels when compared to Music: reading, writing/composing, speaking/performing. Elizabeth has been teaching English in Australia as well as abroad, including Cambodia and Indonesia.

Elizabeth teaches using the Growth Mindset1.  Growth Mindset is the most effective way to learn and grow. Students will learn how to change their way of thinking and ultimately change their neural pathways, leading to successful learning for life.

Elizabeth also explores Character Strengths2 in her lessons with students. Students will be taught to recognise and use their Character Strengths in their lessons, in their chosen subject, as well as  in their day-to-day life. This is specifically taught in Life Coaching lessons:


Ultimately, Elizabeth believes that learning is holistic and transferable. Learning a musical instrument, learning to write an essay or using a computer, can help an individual flourish in, for example: resilience3, organisation, critical thinking and help improve overall academic achievement.

Learning is indeed a Journey, not a Destination4.

Destination Learning is often about Performance: receiving a certain result or grade in an exam.
It’s ok to want to perform well in the subject we are pursuing, however, learning should be more than just about Performance. When the exam is over, did you do well? Will you remember the skills taught in the exam long after the exam itself? Is your learning based just on Performance?

Journey Learning is a holistic approach to learning. Not only are students learning the specific skills required for good Performance in a subject, they are learning a lot more:
Have a purpose, drive and passion to learn the subject.
Learn important ways to learn well and grow as a student and in life (in any subject). This includes Resilience. Learning takes time and can be difficult and require perseverance and effort (refer to Growth Mindset).
Understanding a skill so well that they are able to explain and apply it, knowing how and when to apply it, and even teach someone else how to do it.
Learning to enjoy the subject.
Receiving personal satisfaction or being able to bless others with their skills, e.g. playing a piano piece, writing a persuasive speech about something important.

Lessons are personalised by being individually designed to suit each student’s learning abilities and needs. This includes the use of Differentiated Learning. Elizabeth uses the GANAG Instructional Model5 when planning lessons for each student. Lessons are skills-based, not necessarily topic based.

Elizabeth is experienced in teaching both gifted students (including select entry, accelerated learning classes) and students with learning difficulties or disabilities. Elizabeth is able to teach both children and adults, including learners who are learning English as an additional language.

References: 1  hammersmithacademy.org 2viacharacter.org/resources 3theresilienceproject.org.au 4https://coachcampus.com/coach-portfolios/power-tools/panagiotis-ntouskas-journey-vs-destination/ 5https://www.vssec.vic.edu.au/ganag/

Summon Your Self Love North Melbourne VIC
North Melbourne, VIC
Summon Your Self Love

I am a qualified Life Coach, Singles & Dating Coach, Time Line Therapist, Hypnotherapist and much more. My work has led me to the unshakeable knowldge that when we love ourselves, our life improves in every way. From making better decisions, being kinder to ourselves through to choosing better partners, self love improves every aspect of our lives. I now focus on my Self Love workshops and coaching, which I offer in groups or individually.

I am also an approved Action For Happiness workshop facilitator, and will be starting these workshops soon.

Art&Design Maribyrnong VIC
Maribyrnong, VIC



Masters of Creative Arts (Film&TV Discipline)

03/2017 - 12/2018

Deakin University - Melbourne


Bachelor of Visual Communication Design

10/2007 - 07/2012

Yasar University - Turkey




Arts & Design Coach

02/2020 - Present

Kids Unlimited (Melbourne Primary Schools)



10/2019 - 12/2019

Santa's Photo Factory


Kids Photographer

02/2019 - 10/2019

Pose Portraits Photography


Art Gallery Assistant

02/2019 - 10/2019



Assistant Art Teacher

03/2017 - 04/2017


Albert Park Primary School - Melbourne


Art Director Assistant - Design Team  (puppet, prop and costume making)

04/2017 - 07/2017

Meerkat Productions


Advertising/Studio Photographer

08/2011 - 09/2011

Yerceart Photography Studio - Turkey


Photography Instructor

02/2012 - 06/2012


“Agora from Time to Time” Exhibition - Turkey


Photography Assistant

09/2011 - 06/2012

Yasar University Media Centre - Turkey

PTE, IELTS, Chinese & Translation Training Carlton VIC
Carlton, VIC
PTE, IELTS, Chinese & Translation Training

Master of Translation and Transcultural Communication

Master of Translation Studies 

Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40116)

NAATI Certified Translator Chinese <> Chinese 

Language Skills: 

Chinese-Native speaker 

English-PTE: 90; IELTS: 8 




Private drawing class Newport VIC
Newport, VIC
Private drawing class


Hand skills:

-Hand-drawing: I can draw by water colour, chalk, paint, crayons, colour pencils... I can also do quick-sketching. 

-Model hand-making: I can create models from mostly paper and a variety of materials.          

Architectural design skills:

-Concept integrating                                                      -Design strategy

-Passive design                                                                 -Functional spaces organizing    

-Modern massing- form creating             

Architectural design strengths:

-Biophilic design               -Ecological design             -Sustainable design


-SketchUp, AutoCAD 2D, Photoshop


Mar 2016-Nov 2017:

Architecture Master’s Degree in Curtin University (Perth, Australia)

Architecture study tour: July 2016 in Vietnam

                                    Aug 2016 in Taiwan

                                    Jun 2017 in Japan

Aug 2008-Aug 2013:

Architecture Bachelor’s Degree in Van Lang University (HCM City, Vietnam)


2017:     Project: School of Built Environment of Curtin University

Challenge: for architecture students, in Curtin campus context

Design approach: Ecological Design, Sustainable Design, Biophilic Design

Design strategy: applying ecological technology to the building

Software: SketchUp, AutoCAD 2D, Photoshop

Achievement: the project was displayed in ‘tale on soles exhibition’

2016:     Project: Indoor Archery Center of WA

Design approach: Sustainable Design

Design strategy: adaptive design with retractable structure

Software: SketchUp, AutoCAD 2D, Photoshop

Achievement: the second winner in the unit design studio

The project was displayed in ‘an Aussie shed exhibition’

    Achievement: Receiving compliment letter from Curtin head of school

2013:     Project: Thu Thiem Conference Hotel

Design approach: Biophilic Design

Software: SketchUp, AutoCAD 2D, Photoshop

Achievement: top score for the final project in bachelor degree

The final project was selected to join Archiprex Vietnam.

2010:     Project: Architecture model hand making

Challenge: architecture creative space

Design strategy: dynamic forming, colors, and materials

Achievement: 10/10 and the project was saved by Van Lang University

Programming class Sydney NSW
Sydney, NSW
Programming class

Math Tutor | Professional Tutor | Full Stack Developer

Have more than 3 years of experience teaching Math and Computer subjects to over 200 students through both online and offline platforms.


Also working as Technical lead managing a small team where my primary role is of a Full Stack Developer. 


Violin Lessons/Teacher Clifton Hill VIC
Clifton Hill, VIC
Violin Lessons/Teacher

Beginning to learn the violin at 7 years old, Klara has been involved with music from an early age. Klara has studied up to grade 7 in The Suzuki Method for Violin, and grade 6 AMEB for Violin, she has also studied music theory at tertiary level, and began her teaching career in 2008. Also in 2008, Klara joined the Wollongong Youth Orchestra and toured Perth, France and Germany performing at central Paris, The Madeleine Church, as well as The Lorraine Theatre in Nancy, France.

Klara studied violin with Scott Taggart and composition/theory/piano with John Spence. During this time she began composing and singing her own songs and moved to Melbourne to pursue a Bachelor of Music, majoring in contemporary vocals. She has worked with singing teachers Karen Cummings, Diana Clark and Nilusha Dassenaike.

Klara has also been a part of traditional Croatian singing and dancing. She was the director and conductor of the Croatian Youth Choir in Wollongong NSW from 2007-2009. Since 2014 Klara has assisted local Melbourne group 'Mladi Hrvati' with traditional Croatian choral, dancing, theory and instrumental lessons, as well as transcribing and arranging music for the group. Klara has been extensively involved in various world music programs having participated in Balkan choir, South Indian rhythm and voice, Balinese Gamelan, Taketina rhythm and West-African Bata drumming.

Klara’s solo debut album was released Novemeber 2016, and her recent Ep in December 2018.


Please send an email directly to Klara to discuss your needs and lesson availabilities - klara.teaching@outlook.com


Flute Lessons Point Cook VIC
Point Cook, VIC
Flute Lessons

Hello! I am a flautist and a teacher located in Melbourne. I have graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School and I have recently completed my Bachelor of Music Performance on flute at the Melbourne Conservatorium of music. I am currently studying with Mardi McSullea, and have been taught by other teachers, including Trevor Wye in England. Having been taught by experienced teachers myself, I am able to understand the students' perspective. I would love to help students reach for their potential and grow their love for music!

I am an avid lover of chamber music, orchestral and solo performances and I am happy to guide you through all types of repertoires. In previous years, I have recieved 50 in VCE Music Investigation and 45 in VCE Music performance, and have been awarded the Premier's VCE award for these subjects. So, if you are preparing for your VCE music exams or AMEB exams, I am able to help you! 

I love working with students of all ages and levels. Whether you are a beginner student trying the flute out for the first time or and experienced performer, I will guide you in an encouraging and engaging setting. :)

Learn Korean the Right Way and Speak with Nativ Southbank VIC
Southbank, VIC
Learn Korean the Right Way and Speak with Nativ

안녕하세요, My name is Myeonghoon Sun. It’s such a joy to be part of your Korean learning journey. My own journey as a tutor began by teaching Korean high school students English which they had come to regard as too difficult a language as its syntax and vocabulary have little in common with their native language. The Korean education system has succeeded in morphing its students into machines excellent at answering multiple choice questions but failed to foster the minds capable of thinking in English. I had helped my students grasp what makes English tick and its characteristics alien to Korean. Henceforth, their English was no longer just a tool to gain admittance to prestigious universities but a medium for communicating with people of different culture and custom. 


Likewise, I have helped many Australians understand the idiosyncrasies of Korean and become familiar with its framework needed to speak what’s in one’s mind. My contention is that my student will internalise the workings of Korean and realise the full potential of its expression rather than regurgitate ready-made phrases, which is endemic in often restrictive group classes. 


If you're an absolute beginner, I will guide you through obstacles to mastering the sounds of Korean. You'll learn to train your ear to recognise the distinct sounds and your mouth to produce them, and connect what you hear to written letters. Once you can pronounce with confidence so as to be clearly understood by natives, I will move on to building your vocabulary made of most frequently spoken 625 words. I'm against the idea of putting my students through the time-consuming rote memorisation often seen and committed in classrooms. I will help you recall your words by providing with a system based on spaced-repetition memorisation. You'll be learning words in the most time-efficient manner and never forget them.

Once you're equipped with essential words to express yourself with, you're now in for studying the anatomy of a language: grammar. Grammar is often the touchstone of language performance, but it can be plain boring when it is learned without applying it firsthand to express your own thoughts and experiences.


When you become fluent enough, I'll drop English and speak Korean during tutorials. You'll be immersed in the language and the culture from then on.


I customise my lessons to the reason why a student is learning Korean. If she needs a focus on a particular aspect than another, I'll accomodate to her goal every time a lesson is planned. I keep track of all the things from words to grammatical points you don't know so that you can review and, in turn, anchor them to long-term memory. 

I've been with multiple language training providers and have taught a group of students at Swinburne University for their government-sponsored program that involves a trip to Korea. I've been fortunate to come across students of all walks of life in the last three years, served them as a cultural bridge, and got to know who I now call friends along the way.

These are the types of students I've helped to achieve their goals:

1. Students who are looking to travel to Korea

2. Students who are curious about Korean culture

3. Students who aspire to gain employment in Korea with the help of a TOPIK score

4. Students who study Korean as their subject in high school

5. Students who are going to attend university lectures in Korea in the near future

6. Students who are of Korean heritage

Please book your trial lessons to see all the writing in action. I cannot wait to get to know you and be part of your learning journey. 


안녕하세요, 제 이름은 선명훈이라고 합니다. 영어와 한국어 모두 남다른 이해력을 가지고 한국어를 가르치고 있습니다. 제 교육의 첫걸음은 한국에 있는 고등학생들이 점차적으로 복잡하다고 느끼는 언어, 즉 영어를 가르침으로 시작됐습니다. 그렇게 한 때 외계어처럼 느껴졌던 영어를 자신감을 갖고 한 문장 한 문장씩 해석을 할 수 있게끔 영어 자체를 분석하는 능력을 키워 영어는 원래 생각하던 것과는 다르게 그렇게 어렵지 않다는 걸 깨닫게 도와줬습니다. 지금 언급한 경험이 한국어를 영어권 국가 사람에게 가르치는 것과 무슨 상관이 있냐고 물어보실 수도 있겠네요. 음, 한편으로는 두 일은 완전히 다른 일이지만 한국어를 영어로 효과적으로 가르치려면 가르치는 사람은 어떻게 두 언어가 서로 다른지를 설명하기 위해서 문법적으로 다른 규칙과 조직에 대해 광범위한 지식을 가지고 있어야 합니다.



저는 캐나다를 비롯해서 외국에서 어림잡아 십년 정도 살아 왔고 지금은 호주 멜번에서 삽니다. 저는 국제 교육기관을 위해서 일을 하고 있습니다. 스윈번 대학교에서 한국여행을 포함한 정부 후원 프로그램을 위해 공부하고 있는 학생 단체를 가르쳤습니다. 또한 몇몇 한국인 2세대와 문화에 익숙지 않고 한국어를 처음 배우는 호주 사람은 말할 것도 없고 가지각색의 다수의 호주 사람을 가르쳐 왔습니다. 모든 것을 고려하면, 제가 언어와 문화, 두가지 측면에 통찰력을 키워드릴 수 있으므로 제가 여러분이 여태까지 찾고 계신 이상적인 한국 선생님이 아닐까 싶습니다.



제가 가르치는 방법은 학생들이 방금 배운 새로운 문법을 확실히 이해하였는 지 여부를 확인하기 위해 정답의 길을 보여줄 질문을 묻는 방법을 포함합니다. 저는 학생들의 피드백을 중요시 여기고 학습계획을 피드백에 맞춰서 개발합니다. 배움의 초창기에는 발음과 문법에 집중을 할 것입니다. 기본이 잘 갖춰지면 한국어 표현들을 사용해 한국어에 대한 이해력을 굳건히 하기 위해서 한국어 회화체에 집중을 할 것입니다. 수업이 학생 개개인의 관심사에 맞게 준비되므로 모든 학생들은 각기 다른 독특한 경험을 할 것입니다.



제 글에 있는 말들이 행동으로 옮겨지는 걸 보기 위해서 맛보기 수업을 예약해 주세요. 학생 분들과 개인적으로 친목이 생기길 고대합니다.

$25 Private Music Lessons Epping VIC
Epping, VIC
$25 Private Music Lessons

ANZCA Associate Performer Diploma A.Dip.A. in Modern Singing, Piano & Theory of Music

Singing & Instrumental Music Teacher
Singer & Pianist


WWCC NUMBER IS 02484088-02

Table Tennis For All Crawley WA
Crawley, WA
Table Tennis For All

Student at Univ of Western Australia,Studying Bachelor of Accounting and Finance. I have trained my juniors and have been the Assistant Coach for under 15 Western Australian team. I have a student in his 50's who I am working with to up his game. So, I am comfortable with any age category, gender and experience.I understand my student in the first class what and how we can improve the game and I believe in personalising the tuition according to the needs of the student. I use multi balls whereby learning becomes quick and fun. Timings and Distance are pretty flexible. I also introduce my students to the participate in the tournaments and competition happening every fortnight and personally coach them in the competitions and prepare a personal report on how to improve from there.I start from basic strokes to pro techniques depending on the learning capacity. I teach how to serve, attack and defence. 

Table Tennis Crawley WA
Crawley, WA
Table Tennis

I am an energetic 19 year old student studying in UWA, and I play Table Tennis for WA, I have also played national level championships in India and have been crowned the state champion. I finished 4th in the national championships at townsville in whole of Australia and have been playing for 14 years. I have tutored a few juiniors who have come along way in their careers and I personally love teaching and giving what I feel I am great at. 

Vietnamese for second language, golf, basketbal Melbourne VIC
Melbourne, VIC
Vietnamese for second language, golf, basketbal

Hi everyone! I'm Loc Nguyen, 28 years old. I have graduated a Master of Business Administration degree at RMIT University. I am an enthusiastic teacher for my first language of Vietnamese and happy to help in learning Vietnamese language as a beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Besides that, with more than 5 years of experience in training and more than 10 years practising basketball in Vietnam and 3 years of intensive learning golf, I would love to continue my training class for Basketball for all levels and golf for beginners in Melbourne. My classes are welcoming to all range of ages. Feel free to contact me.

Drawing + Sketching Parramatta NSW
Parramatta, NSW
Drawing + Sketching


Im an art instructor with over 3 years private turoring experience. I teach Drawing from beginner to professional and also Architectural Sketching, since Im an Architect. If you are interested in becoming a professional Artist or if you are willing to develop your Architectural Sketching abilities I can teach you to an advanced level. 

Kpop/Hip Hop Private Dance Class Campsie NSW
Campsie, NSW
Kpop/Hip Hop Private Dance Class

Hi my name is Mitch. I'm a Kpop and Urban Dance teacher. I have taught Kpop for over 5 years and Urban for 2 years. I now teach in Sydney at IMI Dance studio and C studio.

I am very experienced in teaching complete beginners to dance having taught over 100 beginner students in my dance career in NZ and Aus. I will always provide a safe beginner friendly learning environment for my students :)

** I have my own PRIVATE Dance studio located in my Garage in Campsie, NSW, hire & use of this will be included with the lesson for FREE! **

Please contact me on 0451428418 or via social media (FB, instagram etc) to discuss further in regards to the specifics for your purchase as costs may vary.

I can offer you private classes in any of the following

- Any BOY Group Kpop Dance Choreographies

- Some Kpop Girl Group Choreographies upon request

- My own Urban Choreographies

- Can learn Urban/Hip Hop dances e.g 1Million Dance studio

- Can possibly learn other specific cover dances upon request e.g Michael Jacksons Dangerous dance







• 2nd Place 2019 Sydney Kpop Festival (I.Krew)

• Finalist @ 2019 ARENA Singapore Competition (GVNG Crew)

• 2nd Place 2018 Kfest Kpop Competition (MDC Crew)

• 1st Place 2016 K-Pop World Festival NZ (Ace Crew NZ)

• 1st Place 2015 HiTV Korean Competition (Ace Crew NZ)

• 1st Place 2015 K-Pop World Festival NZ (Ace Crew NZ)

• 2nd Place 2014 K-Pop World Festival NZ (Ace Crew NZ)

• 1st Place 2012 NZ Kpop Cover Contest (New Beginning Crew)


SKF 2019 (Sydney)

ARENA Singapore 2019 (Singapore)

IMI Showcase 2018 (Sydney)

Korean Brand Expo Kpop Performance 2018 (Sydney)

Duruje Guest Performance 2018 (Auckland)

Happy Pull Campaign Performance 2018 (Auckland)

AUDA Performance @Niesh (Auckland)

Duruje Performance 2017

Sika Crew Spring Festival Gala 2017 (Auckland)

AESIR Streets of Asia 2017 (Auckland)

Taiwan Festival 2017 (Auckland)

World TV Lunar Festival 2015 (Auckland – Trust Arena)

ANZ Netball Semi-finals 2015 Performance (Hamilton)

World TV Miss China Pageant 2014 (Sky City Theatre)

Why I started dancing/history?

I first began dancing around 6-7 years ago, I joined my school Chinese and Korean modern dance group and loved dancing to Kpop and Hip Hop, from there I started my own Kpop dance classes in 2013 under "Mitch's Kpop Dance Classes" as I was passionate about Kpop and there was pretty big demand. In 2016 it started to become more popular and some of my students created a small Kpop crew called "MDC". More recently I have moved into Urban Dance, and have joined a local crew here in Sydney called GVNG. Now I am pursuing dance as a full time career teaching private classes to students and teaching at various schools and studios around Sydney.

Hope to teach you soon! :)

Flute lessons St Kilda VIC
St Kilda, VIC
Flute lessons

I am a flautist located in the st kilda area currently in my 3rd year at the Melbourne conservatorium of music (unimelb)

I am an experienced performer, both solo and ensemble. I am offering tuition to both beginners and more experienced students who have completed some exams. I also enjoy teaching adults who have decided to learn the flute.


I am happy to teach for pleasure, competitions, or exams. The flute is a wonderful instrument to learn and I hope to bring my enjoyment of it over to my students.

French Lesson with Native Teacher Melbourne VIC
Melbourne, VIC
French Lesson with Native Teacher



I have two master degrees from University of Liege (focused on teaching languages, English/Spanish then French as a Foreign/Second Language).

After graduating, I worked in Spain and taught French for 2 years as a Teaching assistant for a exchange program between the Belgian Government (Wallonie-Bruxelles International) and the Spanish Ministery of Education.

In 2019, I went to work for 3 months in Vietnam in the Montessori International School of Vietnam. There I had the opportunity to teach French, Spanish and English to children from 3 to 12 years old.

I then flew to Japan for a one-month internship in a Language Café and English school where I could communicate in various languages with Japanese locals but also international travellers.




- Glocal English / Language School (Nagoya/Aichi/Japan):
Helper/Teacher Internship FR/EN/ESP (April 2019-May 2019)
- Montessori International School of Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City/Saigon/Vietnam)
French/English/Spanish Substitute Teacher (January 2019-April 2019)
- Escuela Oficial de Idiomas de Talavera de la Reina (Talavera de la Reina/Toledo/Spain)
French Assistant Teacher (2016-2018)
- Master Degree in French & Roman Languages and Literatures, French as a Foreign Language Approach, Specialized Orientation: Distinction/With Honours/Cum Laude
- Master Degree in Modern Languages & Literatures, General Approach, Didactic Specialization, English/Spanish
- Internships in various high schools but also refugee centers in Belgium as a English/Spanish and French as a Second Language teacher trainee
- Erasmus (6 months), Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

VCE Studio Arts / Textiles Tutor Melbourne VIC
Melbourne, VIC
VCE Studio Arts / Textiles Tutor

Hi! My name is Grace, I am 20 years old and I would love to assist Year 11 or 12 students with their Studio Arts / Textiles. This can range from the folio to exam  theory and practical projects in anyway I can. I know how much work, time and passion is needed to achieve the best result for this subject. My folio was my pride and joy in year 12 and I would love to help a student feel proud of their work! 

Current: Second Year Bachelor of Arts Degree at The University of Melbourne

Double Major BA - Media and Communications / Gender Studies 

Top Mark VCE Studio Arts 2016 - The Geelong College 

Fashion study experience at RMIT 2017 

Hobbies: Food, photography, fashion, running, magazine collecting, water colours and guage painting. 


Flute Lessons Melbourne Victoria
Melbourne, Victoria
Flute Lessons

Hi! I recently completed my Bachelor of Music with Honours course at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, majoring in Flute Performance. I have been playing the flute for over 14 years, and have won several competitions back in Hong Kong. I am fluent in both English and Cantonese, and can speak Mandarin as well.

I am also a dance teacher at a professional dance studio, teaching K-Pop dance choreographies each week. I have experience tutoring and working with children, and I am also very positive and love to motivate students.

Essay & Report Writing and Proof Reading Ballarat Central VIC
Ballarat Central, VIC
Essay & Report Writing and Proof Reading

Essay & Report Writing, Proof Reading, Statistics, Psychology, Health & Fitness, Business



- Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) (currently studying)

- Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) (Honours)

- Bachelor of Psychological Sciences

- Certificate IV in Fitness

- Certificate IV in Small Business Management


- Miller, K. J. & Mesagno, C. (2014). Personality traits and exercise dependence: Exploring the role of narcissism and perfectionism. International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, 12(4), 368-381. DOI:10.1080/1612197X.2014.932821

IELTS Improvement Class Melbourne VIC
Melbourne, VIC
IELTS Improvement Class

Qualified English teacher with over 15 years' experience. I specialise in preparing students for the PTE and IELTS exam. I am also an English language pronunciation expert and can help students achieve their accent reduction. 


PTE Guaranteed Score Narre Warren VIC
Narre Warren, VIC
PTE Guaranteed Score

I am a PTE achiever and started to teach PTE. Currently I have many students under my supervision. I have been teaching English from few years as well.

In PTE class I make sure you achieve your score after one-week class.


Flute Lessons Hawthorn East VIC
Hawthorn East, VIC
Flute Lessons


Brisbane-born flautist, Lilly Yang, continues her training at the Australian National Academy of Music (ANAM) in 2020 under the guidance of Virginia Taylor. Since commencing the Professional Performance Program at ANAM, Lilly has performed with the Western Australian Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Simone Young and Queensland Symphony Orchestra (QSO) for a successful season of the Bolshoi Ballet Jewels Performances. Some highlights from Lilly’s first year in Melbourne include winning best performance of an Australian Work at ANAM for Carl Vine’s Flute Sonata; being awarded 1st prize at the 2019 Victorian Flute Guild Leslie Barklamb Scholarship Competition and competing as a finalist in the 2019 Australian Flute Festival Open Flute Competition. Lilly has also performed several times at the Ian Potter Centre for the ANAM@NGV concert series and collaborated alongside world-class guest artists in multiple ANAM projects. Lilly is also a passionate flute teacher with many years of private teaching experience and is very familiar working with flute students of all ages. Prior to relocating to Melbourne, Lilly was the flute teacher at the Queensland College of Music and Aviation State High School in Brisbane.  


french lesson and conversation Camberwell VIC
Camberwell, VIC
french lesson and conversation


I am Henri, a French 30 Years old guy, coming from Lille (northern part of France) I’m working in a optometrist pc in Camberwell and live in Hawthorn. French is my mother tongue and I can speak English, German, Cambodian, a little Spanish and I’m learning mandarin at the moment!

I have been volunteering in a french NGO, dispensing french lessons to immigrant kids, for 3 years.

I have noticed through my job that heaps of you enjoy learning French, that’s why I’m giving you the opportunity to improve your

St Kilda, VIC

Ciao a tutti,

Ever since I was a student in Italy I had a passion for languages, in fact I love teaching Italian, and I am very professional about it. I do Italian tuition, normally home visits, but I also do teleconference lessons, lessons at public libraries, and
I specialize in lessons for VCE Students (1 hour or 1.5 hour) I do conversation
sessions in teleconference for $40 per hour, for whoever wants to practice the language.
For home visits, of 1.5 hour or 1 hour, the rates can vary depending on your learning needs and how far you live from me. Give me a call, and I shall be happy to assist and answer all your questions, giving to you the best value for money!!
I want to be sure that you can make a very well informed choice. Please, feel free of checking the over 100 students' testimonials that I have collected throughout my years of teaching, to hear what they have to say about my services.

I have the best students in the world !
I have been a private tutor since my hair was black! (no joke) as an Italian tutor I am very flexible with times and places where we can do lessons.

Whichever way you look at it, in terms of results, there is nothing better then one on one private tuition, besides, I was born and educated in Italy before I came to Australia at the age of 34.
For beginners I supply the first text books for free, multimedia material such as audio CDs and CD, that give to you mechanical skills, necessary to learn a foreign language.

To speed up the learning curves, I also use, if suitable, state of the art Multimedia technology like TTS (text to speech) and ASR (automatic speech recognition), capable of monitoring your Italian pronunciation, tone, and vocal waves, absolute miracles in foreign language learning technology.

My teaching method, is based on the use of a variety of personalized methods and resources, that really turn Italian Grammar learning into fun!
Each student of mine, gets his/her own tailored course, after an accurate evaluation of their language level, normally run at the first lesson.

Give me a call on 0438833615, or 95305420 so we can talk in person, and finalize details.
Try me, and I can assure, you won't be disappointed !! Ciao.

ciao e a presto!

Japanese Tutoring Caringbah NSW
Caringbah, NSW
Japanese Tutoring


My name is Will Bennett and I'm a first year UNSW student, studying Screen and Sound Production. I started studying Mandarin Chinese 9 years ago and began studying Japanese 6 years ago. I also recently began studying Korean at University. Languages have always been my passion and I'm always trying new ways to improve my learning skills. 

I have spent 3 months in Kagoshima, Japan as a part of student exchange where I was able to attend school at Kamimura Gakuen the top private school in that prefecture. This experience has honed my Japanese speaking skills and has also made me an independent individual. Although, I am neither of Japanese nor Chinese decent and haven't been brought up in an Asian household, I understand the fundamental, core elements of learning an Asian language and am able to effectively relay a language's correlation with English.

Cantonese Clayton VIC
Clayton, VIC

I am a Hong Kong Malaysian studying Bachelor of Computer Science in Monash University. I have previously studied 7 years in Hong Kong and 10 years in Singapore and hence I am fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese. Price and time are highly negotiable. :)

Greek Tutoring - Canberra Braddon Australian Capital Territory
Braddon, Australian Capital Territory
Greek Tutoring - Canberra

Background information: 

- I’m half English - half Greek, and a native speaker of both languages. 

- I grew up in Greece before moving to the UK to complete my bachelor’s degree in Law. 

- My previous tutoring experience has been in assisting British expats with learning to read and write Greek, including grammar and language structure at a basic and intermediate level. 

- I’m interested in tutoring children, teenagers and adults. 


Greek Certifications: 

- Ellinomatheia - Level Δ, Grade A΄ - Arista (according to the new classification system Level Γ2, Grade A΄- Arista). 

- International Baccalaureate - A2 Modern Greek - Language & Culture, Higher Level, Grade 7/7 


IELTS Last Minute Crash Course Parkdale VIC
Parkdale, VIC
IELTS Last Minute Crash Course

Bachelor of Civil and Environmental Engineering Graduate

IELTS high achiever: Overall 8.5

Reading 9

Writing 8

Speaking 8.5

Listening 8


Pre Nursing & Diploma of Nursing Tutoring Frankston VIC
Frankston, VIC
Pre Nursing & Diploma of Nursing Tutoring


My name is Rhonda Kupsch,

I have been a Nurse for several decades and a Nurse Educator for nearly 9 years.  In this time, I have taught and assessed Aged care and Diploma of Nursing in a variety of Registered Training Organisations across Australia.

I am passionate about enabling each nursing student to grow in confidence and competence. To achieve this goal, we need to build a strong knowledge base on which to build.

With this strong base, a motivated student can progress onto a Bachelor of Nursing and Post graduate studies.

I am wishing to inspire and support Pre-nursing students as well as those undertaking their Diploma of Nursing based on The Mornington Peninsula.

My qualifications include;      

·         TAE50111 Diploma of Vocational Education and Training

·         TAE50211 Diploma of Training Design and Development.

·         TAELLN411; Address adult language, literacy and numeracy skills

·         TAE40110 Cert IV in Training & Assessment

·         TAA40104 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

·         Bachelor of Nursing Post Registration

·         Registered Nurse (Certificate of Nursing) Box Hill Hospital  

·         State Enrolled Nurse (Certificate of Nursing) Kingston Centre

I support a good learning environment by;

·                     Encouraging a safe engaging, student-centred environment.

·                     Working with each student to enhance the learning experiences.

·                     Assist in developing individual strategies, skills, and activities to assist with the learning experience.

I request that the students

·         Set aside time for home work as advised

·        Ask questions no matter how silly you believe the question so you may understand

·        Seek further information by using reputable websites.

·        Bring your enthusiasm and abilities into the classes.


Please contact me to see which specific areas that I may supply assistance and support.

I look forward to working with you to achieve your career goals.

Rhonda Kupsch


Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it. – Lou Holtz

French and Art lessons - Bachelor's Degree Darlinghurst NSW
Darlinghurst, NSW
French and Art lessons - Bachelor's Degree




My name is Maeva, I come from France. I am 21 years old.

I would like to share my experience in art by teaching people how to draw.

I am also able to teach french if anyone is interesting !


Background >>>


- Bachelor’s degree in Art History and Archeology 2018

Lyon, France

·Developed deep knowledge about a wide variety of arts, including painting, writing, design, sculpture, drawing, historiography, museology, anthropology and psychology.


- Diploma in First Aid as a Team 2018

Nice, France

·Able to rescue and to provide first aid in water as well as on land.


- High school diploma in Applied Art 2015

Nice, France

·Graduated with the highest honours.



Experience >>>



September 2018 – December 2018

Nice, France

·Private French lessons at home, from pupil in year 7 to pupil in year 13

·Adapted to all types of personalities and French level

·Provided advices to pupils and improved their level



May 2016 – August 2016

Nice, France

·Creative work presented in an Art gallery.

·Wide variety of artistic knowledge to help the painter on three different realisations:

·Provided support to the writing of a book.

·Contributed from start to finish a performance, a body painting realisation.

·Wrote and made a conference of 10 analyses about different realisations of the painter, designed to provide an understanding of what the painter means through his creations.


Feel free to send me a message ;)

Thanks for your attention!


Greek language Niddrie VIC
Niddrie, VIC
Greek language

Hello, my name is Despina and I am from Greece.

I hold an M.Sc of Information Technology, with a major in Spatial Technologies from the University of Melbourne and a B.Sc in Informatics Engineering from the Technological Univerisity of Crete in Greece. Moreover, I hold a Certificate in "Big Data: Mathematical Modelling" from the Queensland University of Technology and a Certificate in "Earth Observation from Space" from the European Space Agency (ESA).

I am already working as a tutor for the Greek language and Mathematics in a Greek School.

  I have extensive tutoring experience in a variety of fields especially in Networking & Digital Communications (Telecommunications systems) and Mathematics. I have tutored in "Satellite Communications,” “Industrial Automation & Information Systems” and “Microelectronics, as well as in linear algebra, Applied mathematics, Advanced Calculus, Discrete Mathematics and Probabilities & Statistics.

My personal interests are in the field of Telecommunications with a significant stake in Satellite Communications, in which I instructed the lab part of the course in the Department of Applied Informatics of the Technological Educational Institute of Crete in Greece for more than 3 years.

I have helped students to learn and analyze the logic behind networking and maths. I have experience working preparing the high school students as well as the college students for their institute exams.

I am experienced in students with "Dyscalculia" disability and my strongest feeling about math teaching came when I achieved to prepare a student with dyscalculia for the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO).

Through these tutoring and counselling positions, I have learned how to best teach each age group.

I have been awarded "best grades" awards in Mathematics of Spatial Information from the University of Melbourne in 2018,  as well as  Advanced Calculus II, Applied Mathematics, and Linear Algebra during 2014-2015.

Furthermore, my love for teaching led me to obtain a TESOL Certificate from Arizona State University.

Pieces of my work have been published in international peer-reviewed journals and have been presented at international conferences.

Tutoring in Mathematics or Physics Kew VIC
Kew, VIC
Tutoring in Mathematics or Physics

5 years experience tutoring English and Mathematics, all levels and ages.

Have seen many students turn around their performances and distinguish themselves and previously unmotivated students become very focused.

Believe in a holistic approach: making topics approachable and comprehensible, goal setting, showing students their progress to build confidence, building good habits, encouraging independent learning (learning how to learn), developing plans to reassure the students the situation is in their control and liaising with teachers or parents, where necessary, so that they can reward the students' efforts and recognise their hard work. It's a proven method. Many students surprise themselves with their results.

Very high Mathematics and English scores in high school.

Pursued mathematics study at University of Melbourne and language study at La Trobe University. Have a lifelong love of study. I try to inspire my students to make the most of their experiences.

Glide to the side dance studio Blackburn VIC
Blackburn, VIC
Glide to the side dance studio

Dancing for 26 years. Fully qualified dance teacher in tap, jazz, ballet and hip hop. Teach kids from 4 years old to adults.

Industrial Design Newcomb VIC
Newcomb, VIC
Industrial Design

MSc in Industrial Design

A transferred PhD in Architecture (not completed) 

A current PhD candidature in Global, Urban and Social Studies & Urban Design in RMIT University