What age is the best to start learning music?

What age is the best to start learning music?


Kids are curious about creating from an early age. Almost from the time that they become aware of their surroundings they are discovering the why, where and how of the world. So when they show an interest in music at what age will they benefit from participating in a formal class?

Getting kids started

Up until the age of around three, expose your child to a variety of things. Play them different kinds of music, encourage them to move to the sounds, and help them to develop their natural appreciation and rhythm.

At this age it is more about exposing kids to different things so they can develop what they like and perhaps have a talent for. This gives you an opportunity to spend time with your child as a parent whilst helping them to learn informally.

Beginning formalised classes

Children at the age of three can begin generalised classes. Sign them up for music classes that are generalised and not about learning to play an instrument, as most don’t have the motor skills, but more about recognising beats and melodies and understanding what the different instruments are.

Focused learning

Between the age of five to ten, kids can learn to play their preferred instrument (as long as it is not too big for them physically). The idea at this age is for them to become familiar with music rather than to become a brilliant performer.

After the age of ten, they are physically stronger and have the ability to build on the skills that they have already learned to improve the way that they play their instrument.

What class to choose?

We have heard the stories of kids being forced to learn things that they don’t enjoy, some of us have even been in that position ourselves. Children love to explore, especially at a young age. Ideally, let them investigate a range of things in a fun way.

They are learning an array of motor and problem solving skills as they are discovering different ways to create so it is never a waste of time when you invest in your child’s learning.

If they show interest in learning a particular instrument, organise introductory classes for them before making a considerable investment of time and money.

Making learning fun

Fun is an important part of learning music and children need the encouragement to develop a natural affinity. Incorporate music into fun activities when they are young. As they transition into formalised learning search for a teacher that your child can relate to and has a teaching style that encourages your child to progress and learn more.

When did your child start learning music? Please share your experience and comments with our community


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