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Class Type Term Class or Workshop
Age Group Preschool, Primary
Study Level Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
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  • English

Class Introduction

​PLAY (12 months - 2 Years)
Children will squeal with delight as they make their first discoveries into the world of play based art. Through a program specifically designed to nurture their innate curiosities, children will explore the wonders of different textures, shapes and colours. Children will splash, splatter, sweep, and scrape their way through the beautiful sensory art experiences on offer. Parents or caregivers will join their child during these playful sessions to share in the wonder and joy of artistic discovery (all with safe homemade edible paints).
45 minutes + 15 minute (optional) changing/clean up/unwind time
​EXPLORE (2 Years - 3 Years)
Children will take great delight in exploring our ever changing range of creative experiences, designed specifically for the needs of the inquisitive toddler. From sliding fingers through slippery paint to poking and proding cool firm clay, children will be amazed by the unique creative discoveries they make. Through play based art and exciting tactile exploration, children will be supported in the development of their fine motor skills, hand eye co-ordination and language skills. Parents and caregivers will join their child during these sessions to share in the excitement of creative exploration and discoveries.
60 minutes
​DISCOVER (3 Years - 5 Years)
Children will marvel in the wealth of wonderful art experiences designed to nurture their growing creative independence. They will discover and explore exciting new ways to express themselves creatively, as they experiment with fascinating new mediums. During these child centered sessions, children will be encouraged to let their imaginations guide their creative persuits as they build the confidence to freely experiment with artistic mediums and tools. Parents and caregivers will join their child during these sessions to share in the enjoyment of the artistic process. We promise that your chid will think you are the most amazing artist in the room, so leave your insecurities about your own skills at the front door and have fun with us!
60 minutes
​IMAGINE (5 Years - 8 Years)
Our lower primary school aged artists will be encouraged to get their hands dirty and let their imaginations soar! Children will explore the artistic styles of contemporary and historical artists as they journey toward developing their own unique artistic style. Children will work with a range of artist quality mediums, as well as recycled materials, as they develop their technical skills and abilities. Children will delight in the opportunity to dive into artistic ventures and freely express themselves while working alongside likeminded kids!
60 minutes
​CREATE (8 Years - 12 Years)
Our upper primary school aged artists will have fun as they continue to journey through the creative process. Children will be encouraged to develop confidence in their artistic abilities and will be supported as they learn to use more complex techniques. Children will be exposed to more sophisticated skills and will discover new and wonderful ways to express their unique thoughts and ideas. Children will learn to trust their instincts, make aesthetic choices, and value their individuality.
1 hour and 15 minutes

About the Teacher

Short Introduction and Accomplishments

In For A Penny - A Children's Studio, was a concept born from Sarah's love of education and creative arts. Sarah, a qualified teacher (Bachelor of Education Primary/Kindergarten), has always loved creating. From running her first "business" selling hand painted t-shirts to her very patient family when she was just seven, through to turning her mum and dad's kitchen table into her own private studio, creative arts has always played a big role in her life.

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Class start date
Feb 1, 2017
Class finish date
Mar 25, 2017
09:30 - 10:30

16:00 - 17:00

13:30 - 14:30

16:00 - 17:00

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