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Lesson Introduction

Visual Communication (Digital & Graphic Design) covers wide range of subjects and knowledge which will bring you a promising career as a super passionate creative. You will be given a general introduction of what the creative industry look like and specific subject consultation and tutorials based on your own interest.

My classes includes:
VCD 01- Design studio (project based): One project will take 5 hours to achieve (briefing & tutorial 2h; feedback 1h; Refine & folio 2h)
VCD 02- Logo & Branding Design (project based): One project will take 5 hours to achieve (Briefing & Tutorial 2h; Feedback 1h; Refine & Folio 2h)
VCD 03 - Packaging Design (project based): One project will take 5 hours to achieve (Briefing & Tutorial 2h; Feedback 1h; Refine & Folio 2h)
VCD 04 - Digital Art & Design (project based / illustration): One project will take 5 hours to achieve (Briefing & Tutorial 3h; Refine & Folio 2h)
VCD 05- Page Layout (project based): One project will take 6 hours to achieve (Briefing & Tutorial 3h; Feedback 1h; Refine & Folio 2h)
VCD 06- Brainstorming & Moodboard building: (this course will take 5 hours to achieve (Briefing & Tutorial 1h; Brainstorming Tips 1h; Moodboard Tips: 1h; Exercise & Feedback 2h)
VCD 07 - Concept Pitching & Presentation: One project will take 7 hours to achieve (Briefing & Tutorial 2h; Pitching Presentation flow 2h; Strategy Intro & Exercise 2h; Pitching & Presentation Tips 1h)

*You could take a full course plan with 38 hours in total OR take any short course under the course code above (you can customize your multiple courses plan). Please DM for any question in terms of the course content.

About the Tutor

Short Introduction and Accomplishments

I’m Cherry Qi, a passionate creative born in Shanghai China and now taking Master of Communication Design at RMIT University in Melbourne. I feel I am more comfortable to regard myself as your mentor to help you build a clear creative vision of being a future creative in the industry. You are welcome to consult me technical skills in relation to basic Adobe suites. Stick to print /branding especially, but my strengths are crossover concept development, publication, strategy design, packaging & web design layout. Born and grow up in Shanghai locally, and then I spent my past 3.5 years living and studying in Sydney and Melbourne when I stepped into uni. Taking Communication Design as my biggest passion and future career, I have had more than 2 years experience in design industry in Shanghai, Sydney and Melbourne. My clients including RMIT University, City of Melbourne, ACMI X, Program Records, OPPO Australia, The gallery Shanghai, Rawimpact to name a few. As I started working as a creative pretty early since year two in BA which has offered me heaps of good experience, advices, lessons, professional confidence and much more along the way. So in order to do something in return, if you are a young design student who is interested in some tips or advices on securing an internship or placement during your studying, I am happy to share what I learnt with you. You can find my design works via if you are interested.

• Problem-solving; • Industry experience knowledge in both creative studio & corporation scope; • Understanding personal attributes and strengths; • Developing confidence; • Adobe software tutorial; • University & Personal Design Folio building; • Brainstorming; • Page layout & Advanced Page Layout; • Concept development; • Branding & Logo Design; • Packaging Design; • What a typical design school life like; • How a typical creative living; • Resume Writing; • Application/Cover Letter Writing; • Interview Preparation; • Native Mandarin speaker; • English to Chinese (reverse) translation; • Patient & Easy going; • Open-minded & Passionate; • Have solid Adobe software skills, eg. Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere; • Knowledge in Interactive Design and Multimedia; • Quick adapter and learner; • Good Explainer and friendly mentor; • Fluent in Mandarin and English;

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For session dates please refer to the booking calendar on the right. Check class introduction, packages or contact tutor to see if casual bookings are accepted.

Class start date
May 4, 2019
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May 19, 2019
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What We Provide

Design studio teaching mode;
Mentor to mentee tutorial method;
Industry experience sharing;
Basic Adobe software tutorials;

What to Bring

Your own laptop with at Least 3 adobe CS6/CC softwares properly installed (eg. Adobe Photoshop/Adobe Illustration/Adobe Indesign); Sketchbook; Passion & Willing to learn attitude.

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