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Category Maths Class Indooroopilly
Class Type Regular Group Class
Age Group Preschool, Primary, Secondary
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Class Introduction

UCMAS promotes whole brain development by stimulating both sides of the brain using an innovative mental math program utilizing the Abacus as a teaching tool. By learning to perform mental calculations quickly and accurately, students aged 4-13 expand their mental capacity and develop skills such as multitasking, time management, memory concentration, memory retention and problem solving – skills that are crucial to success in all areas of study and daily life. We offer both individual and group classes up to a maximum capacity of 15 in one class. The program consists of 8 levels, with each level ranging from 16-18 weeks timeframe.

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Short Introduction and Accomplishments

UCMAS Abacus - Mental math is a building block for future success in all areas of study. Students learn to focus for sustained periods, to manage their time while completing long series of sums, to think in pictures, as well as, logically and to concentrate on more than one task at the same time while performing at a high standard. These are crucial life skills that students will use again and again. The program activates key cognitive functions such as memory, attention, perception, symbolic learning and reasoning. UCMAS students become motivated learners – the best route to success in academics and beyond.

UCMAS is a child development program that boosts brainpower through Mental Maths and Abacus in children aged 4-13. We believe the UCMAS program extends the child Beyond Maths. Along with strengthening Maths skills, the UCMAS approach promotes whole brain development and establishes foundational building blocks like memory, concentration, creativity and problem solving. These critical 21st Century skills inspire every child with greater confidence and success in all subject areas, competitive exams and day to day activities.

Our exciting classes and passionate instructors ensure that our students have fun as they learn. Since 1993, UCMAS has helped over one million children around the world Discover the Genius Within. UCMAS is now available in all over Brisbane including Indooroopilly!

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Class Schedule

For session dates please refer to the booking calendar on the right. Check class introduction, packages or contact tutor to see if casual bookings are accepted.

Class start date
Aug 25, 2018
Class finish date
Sep 8, 2018
10:30 - 12:00

What We Provide

At the time of registration, you are provided with UCMAS bag, books, stationary and abacus to begin your classes.

What to Bring

Happy sprits and faces to learn and accomplish to the best of your potential.

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