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Daniella specialises in differentiating the Australian Curriculum to a child's specific learning needs to optimise learning!
Daniella liaises with your child's classroom teacher via email and discusses areas of concern/areas to improve. Daniella also request their weekly planner to ensure that your tutoring sessions reinforce topics/skills being done in class.
Literacy Tutoring with Daniella includes an individualised term planner for your child based on the Aus Curriculum and the best teaching practices to improve student learning.
THRASS and other strategies are used to optimise learning.

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As a qualified and practicing primary school teacher and post-graduate research student, I am offering tutoring for all primary aged students from prep to grade 6 in Literacy and Numeracy. With a background and initial degree in Psychology, student thinking is at the forefront of my approach – where I use a range of cognitive strategies to help children “Learn How to Learn.” This approach helps me to identify each child’s learning strengths and styles – where we can select the appropriate tools and strategies for their learning success. This means that my teaching will cater for all learning styles ensuring all students are given the opportunity to strive towards their personal best. Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime – Chinese proverb. Learning How to Learn means that my ultimate goal is to give children the tools and strategies that will help them in any classroom situation to independently: • Organise the information given to them • Use their learning strengths as a tool for absorbing this information in a way that’s meaningful to them • Become life-lifelong learners • Develop a joy and passion for learning.

Since every child learns differently, many benefit by having class material presented to them in new and different ways. I strongly believe that with the right tools, we can Build Independent and Confident Learners.

Contact me to learn more about my incredible passion for teaching and learning and how I can help you!

Primary School Teacher 2012 – present (part-time) - Professional knowledge, practice and engagement. - Worked in collegiate teams for Australian Curriculum planning, teaching and learning. - Using a range of teaching practices and resources to engage and manage student classrooms. - Reflect and evaluate teaching pedagogy.

Research Project Manager Monash University, 2013 - 2015
As an Educational Research Assistant at Monash University, I spent last year conducting different cognitive assessments with over 200 Grade 2 students across 3 different Victorian Primary Schools. These cognitive assessments deepened my understanding in the role that working memory, attention and cognitive load play in student learning. I am keen on exposing students to such activities, to strengthen and develop these processes that play a vital role in learning, recalling information and engaging students to remain on task.

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Feb 28, 2017
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Feb 28, 2018
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